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EUSL Social Constitutional Chamber

An investment in human rights for EU citizens 

Part of the European Social Label
Care to Change the World

Opens in winter and spring 2023


EUSL SCC - Introduction

EUSL SCC, or Social Consitutional Chamber, is the European Social Label's investment in human rights and welfare issues for EU citizens and concrete solutions to these. The concept is reminiscent of EUSL Core, the business enterprise that produces companies, but the big difference is that the businesses that fall within the EUSL SCC are not necessarily profitable.

In this case, it also does not mean that the operations are necessarily idea-driven, which meant that the need for another division emerged. Instead, these are services that are partly or wholly financed through welfare and without any political stance, the European Social Label does not intend to derive any profits from these. Here is a mix of activities in education, sports, relationships and more. 



Emerging from EUSL Ignite EU, the project department, the need for another division has emerged. This time towards welfare services. Welfare services for the European Social Label do not really mean what welfare is for most others as it is considered an overly generalized definition based on tax finances. Within the EUSL SCC is the entire educational concept, but here are also the sports initiatives as well as cohabitation, user cooperatives and other issues that are often more relevant to the individual. For the European Social Label, the individual is important and is generally not on the political scale at all, which regardless of attitude tends to generalize in often too rough outlines.

See the activities at the link below


European Social Label

The main organization is called the European Social Label and is a member-driven organization with the aim of solving Sweden's and Europe's integration challenges. This should be done primarily by making it profitable for EU small and medium-sized enterprises to work with people in isolation, something that for us is defined as a person who is unemployed for at least 30 days. 


EUSL Foundation

The foundation that ensures that the surplus reaches those who need it most

European Social Label is run with the idea-driven idea, which means that there is a bigger goal than that some owners will ultimately make money. Instead, the surplus goes directly into our own foundation, which in turn distributes funds to various social projects, which are fully defined by the members. It is therefore a bit of a joke to say that the EUSL Foundation is a stupid foundation as it is subordinate to someone else. The EUSL Foundation is our and our members' ultimate showcase. Here they are seen by performing what we call social contributions in society, which means that our members are actively involved and create a better society around them.

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We always want to hear from you! Praise, criticism, suggestions, comments, no matter what, are equally welcome. Contact us via email, phone or why not send us a message directly via the website?