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Associated inclusive and equal activities in EUSL SCC, page 2

Care to Change the World

The list became so long that it needed to be divided into two. Here on page 2, the list of EUSL SCCs and their associated inclusive and equal activities with a focus on sports, socializing and people in isolation continues. 


Sports Athletic Practitioners

More people must be given the opportunity to play sports, no matter where they come from or how big or small even their parents' wallets are. Playing sports does not have to be a class issue and definitely not a gender issue. That it differs in adulthood is what it is, but for children it should be more about being able to play and test. EUSL SAP ensures that more people have the opportunity to play sports and is our own version of a nationwide AIK system where both boys and girls will have the opportunity to play sports on the same terms. Thanks to the EUSL Foundation and EUSL Finans, this is made possible where, among other things, footballs and football shoes are sponsored for all practitioners. 


EUSL Football

An activity under EUSL SAP with a focus on football, football clubs and above all youth sports. EUSL members are involved and ensure that their own sports associations can focus on activating young people and running their own league, free from external influences. EUSL Football is developed by EUSL Core but is run by EUSL SCC


EUSL Hockey

An activity under EUSL SAP with a focus on hockey, hockey associations and above all youth sports. Hockey has become a class sport and there is a shortage of ice and EUSL wants to counteract this by running its own business with hockey and young people in focus. EUSL Hockey is developed by EUSL Core but run by EUSL SCC


EUSL Tennis

An activity under EUSL SAP with a focus on tennis, tennis associations and above all youth sports. Tennis is a difficult sport to finance, but EUSL makes an investment at all levels and aims for its own series wherever it suffers. The focus is on young people and exercise tennis rather than bringing out the stars of tomorrow. EUSL Tennis is developed by EUSL Core but operated by EUSL SCC


EUSL Games

In Norway, the Olympic Games are called the "Olympic Games" and this is perhaps how the EUSL views its sports and athletics as well. Once a year, EUSL organizes what is called EUSL Games where all associations in all sports meet and compete against each other. 

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Most people know that many Swedes live, voluntarily or involuntarily, in solitary confinement and as prominent in the digital age, it is often more obvious here than in other countries. European Social Label would be incredibly happy if we can be a part of more people meeting, whether it is for life, new friends or just a shorter period but the fact is for us it is more about maintaining and also increasing the population in Sweden and the EU. EUSL Dating is an active service that several times a year will create digital and physical activity meetings so that more people get a natural way to socialize instead of what can now be called classic dating and swiping.

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EUSL User Cooperative

A member-run European organization for people entitled to personal assistance. EUSL User Cooperative is both a complement and an opposite to EUSL Assistance which is under EUSL Core. This creates a more comprehensive platform and meeting place for functionally diverse people, while at the same time working on a political level to make life better for clients as well as employees and assistants. Here, administration, finances and labor law are managed both locally for clients as well as regionally, nationally and transnationally. EUSL User cooperatives are developed by EUSL Core but run by EUSL SCC

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European Social Label is a member-run business, driven by small business owners' desire to create a better society. It therefore comes as no surprise that our members sometimes have a need for extra staff and this is where EUSL Staffing comes into the picture. Our members are involved in creating jobs for others every day. EUSL Staffing is a service that is part of both the EUSL SCC as well as the EUSL Core and is a clear indication that it is possible to bring the different sectors together. In that way, this is a cross-border service where the basis is more inclusion. 

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