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Associated inclusive and equal activities in EUSL SCC, page 1

Care to Change the World


The activities - information

The following presentation screens show the associated, inclusive and equal activities that are under production or produced within EUSL SCC, alternatively in collaboration with EUSL Core. The list was longer than expected so it is divided into two pages. The services offered must all have the consistent theme that they contribute to a better society every time they are used. In addition, they are not necessarily for-profit, but neither are they idea-driven or non-profit. 

For our own part, there is no need to categorize in this way, but since others are happy to do so, it is emphasized here that while at least in Sweden there are no laws on welfare benefits, the European Social Label does not intend to take any profits from the activities that can be called welfare services from a classic perspective.

The entrepreneurs of the future are aware that in order to succeed, they must show that they care about others than themselves. Our concepts and activities are the basis as clear models in different industries for how you can both sell more while helping someone else. 

It's tomorrow's business, today.


EUSL Education

From preschool all the way up to the student. This is how the European Social Label wants to be able to participate and support and develop tomorrow's individuals from day one. Education and healthy values permeate the business and for those who want, there are then alternatives for adults, new arrivals and more within the European Future Label to further their education. 


Friförskolan FramtidsRedo

Friförskolan FramtidsRedo, for the very young of course but also for parents who are self-employed and need a modern form of flexibility in everyday life that the 'classic' system does not allow. This can include picking up and dropping off children and even late evenings or weekends. Entrepreneurs work around the clock and this requires good adaptation.


Friskolan FramtidsRedo

The grades in the schools usually point downwards, the classes generally get bigger every year and there is a huge shortage of teachers. Of course it is connected but the good news is that it can be solved. Friskolan FramtidsRedo will try to do just that by offering and developing solutions so that the school experience is better and more students go out with higher grades.


Frigymnasiet FramtidsRedo

The stage before adulthood in many cases, for the second stage before further studies. Regardless, Frigymnasiet FramtidsRedo prepares students for what they really need: to be able to stand on their own two feet from the day after the student. The school focuses on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as a separate form of vocational preparation in all categories.


General Athletics Practitioners

Athletics must attract more and fewer people must quit their teens. Here it seems that the current system is imploding by its own weight. Instead, we want to invest in athletics for everyone, regardless of gender, age, religion, functional variation or anything else. Together with the EUSL Foundation, where EUSL GAP is seen as a major social contribution, members and activities such as EUSL Finans, we make sure to develop a grassroots system that is similar to the Swedish model but differs in one important point: the commitment.



Until 2026, 135,000 assistant nurses will be missing in Sweden alone, and within the EU it is a couple of million. It is a demographic challenge to catch up as many in Sweden in particular are far too highly educated and are looking for other industries. Here, the European Social Label creates an establishment process for people living outside the EU who want to come here, establish themselves and then work in healthcare. In addition to the program, accommodation will be added both during the program period but also after so that the participants have an easier way into European societies. With European Social Labels' focus on business and horizontal values, a set of requirements is also included where employers from day one are involved and hire people so that they feel safe and stable to want to come here.

Link below about the need for assistant nurses, note external link


EUSL Wellness

Gym, health, fitness, massage - everything falls under EUSL Wellness and as a branch under EUSL GAP. EUSL Wellness is a perfect alternative to similar activities out there and for us also a good showcase for the image of care that we try to convey to companies and people in isolation, now also to private individuals. EUSL Wellness is run partly by EUSL Core but also by EUSL SCC.


EUSL Training

Hard training, PT's, boxing and with a clearly set goal for the practitioners. This is the definition of EUSL Training. EUSL Training is developed by EUSL Core but is run by both EUSL Core and EUSL SCC.